Monday, October 15, 2012

Get FILEBOX.COM Premium Account for FREE

Cyberlocker Switzerland has purchased and thus they have launched a new affiliate program for it.

In order, to promote the site they are offering the following for the site:

1. 6 month free premium account

2. 90% payout on all Premium Sales from your files
Use the coupon code


to get your Premium 6 month account ! So jus go n register with this coupon code..

Hack almost everyone. every FACEBOOK and EMAIL (via facebook) 100% hack

TUTORIAL: Hack anyone Facebook,email or PC..

This tutorial is like a spreading tutorial way basically. But more precise and powerful.

MOSTLY I HAVE HACKED GIRLS WITH THIS METHOD (because they don't get fooled so easily by a poser and other shit. So this thing can do it)Hehe


1) A fully FUD server(SERVER BEING FUD is the most important part of the hack)
2) Patience

That's all...

Now coming to the hack...

there are basically thousands of tutorials in HF about keylogger,RAT,stealer and crypting... so read one and make your server fully fud...

Now do just as what i say:-

1) go to "" and leave that tab open

2) now login to your facebook and copy the username of the person(FB username) you want to hack

like this....

so basically the name after the is the username... 

in my example "RANDOM" is the username....

if the link shows url like "" then you cannot use this method on them....

3) as you are the friend of the person you must know who he his/her best friend or just close friend....

so basically get his email id attached to his Facebook like

[this can be hard if you don't have this person as your friend]

anyways you can ask his/her email id if you know him....

4)Now just open that spoofer tab and paste the info as follows:-

in Spoofed Email: the id you stolen from the contact info: ex:

in Targets Email:, ex:

in Reply Email: same as spoofed email

in message title: hi or whatever

in message body : Hi check out my new pics uploaded here: "link of your key-logger,rat or whatever"




1) If you are using the message from the example then i suggest you to download some of the spoofed person(slave friend) 

pictures and use icon-changer to change your server icon to JPEG icon and put all that pics and your server to an .rar file and 

upload it to the hosting site....

Lol,,,, no one sees the extension if you do this thing.. 

2) use rat's crew extension spoofer to change the extension to JPEG and change server icon to JPEG too....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Get anything on amazon/paypal checkout for free

I'm not going to do this and never have done it because it is illegal and unethical but it is possible to get anything on paypal checkout or for free using tamper data, a firefox addon. You basically edit the website's code to make the price of the item 0 bucks, or one cent. No money (or a penny) is actually being sent to the seller so you can see why you're better off legally buying hong kong ass penny auctions off ebay.
Here is a video showing it on PP checkout:
I bet ninja remote above already caught on to this by now if people are actually doing exactly what the above guy did in that video.
Here is a video of it being done on amazon:

This exploit is detectable because, like I said, no money is going in from you. Use at your own risk. This can also be used for other sites as well.

How To Get Free Dominos Pizzas

Want free pizza? Read below...

You need PayPal and you also need to be in a place that Dominos deliver to.

1. Go to
2. Order a pizza.
3. Receive the pizza.
4. Take pictures of your pizza and post them here.
5. Go to PayPal.
6. Dispute the payment. (Say that the pizza never arrived or say that the pizza was cold. They can't prove you wrong.)
7. Eat your pizza and wait for your payment to be reversed.


How to watch a movie on for FREE

This is really simple... All you need is an Amazon account with at least $5 balance.

1. Go to

2. Sign it your account.

3. Watch a movie on Amazon (1 day rental), and after it is done and the money has been deducted from your amazon account, contact support.

5. Tell their support that you accidentally clicked on the movie and didn't want to rent it. Ask them for a refund of the rental to your account.

6. They should respond with 2 days and the refunded amount should be in your account.

(I'm not sure how many times you can do this on a single account before they catch on.) So Try creating multiple accounts :D

How to get a FREE ShareCash Premium Account

I bet most of you here have heard of Share right?

Here is how to avoid completing surveys on their site.

This following method has worked numerous times.

Send an email to admin@share with something like this-

I am just writing this email to bring attention to the faulty survey system, I have tried multipul times to unlock a simple .01kb file, and failed, nearly 2 hours wasted. I have now signed up to over 20 different product mailing lists, entered my phone for multiple billing services and completed numerous surveys, but still my download is still locked. It unlocked once, but my browser immediated blocked the download.


If it worked correctly, he will reply back to your email with a free 2 Day Premium Account.

Enjoy! Have fun downloading some fake generators.


How to get FREE Dr. Dre Monster Beats headphones

This is the eBook :arrow:
Go to Get a high Quality email. Anything with Pro reviewers Get a blogspot which includes a few reviews of products. Get a youtube account with a bunch of reviews of products. Then fill out a high quality form with your blogspots that includes your youtube link and they will send you a pair of beats You must be accepted and they take 5 days!
This is very simple if you have time to do do it you can and one more thing you can also get the review product of various companies.